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Welcome... the Big Ginger Sauce Company, the home of award-winning, flavour-first, artisan hot sauces, hand-crafted in Pirbright, Surrey!

I officially launched in June 2023 with a small line up of my best sauces, but there is lots more on the way, so please come and follow my journey on Facebook and Instagram, and sign-up to receive updates and special offers!

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All About Me

Big Ginger is obsessed with chillies, spice and vibrant, bold flavours!  I produce small batch, hand crafted, artisan hot sauce and chilli products in Surrey UK, selling online as well as through selected local retailers, farm shops and farmers markets.

I believe firmly in a 'flavour-first' approach to hot sauce...there are way too many one dimensional hot sauces out there which are little more than burning won't find those here!! Beyond the initial novelty value of the heat, there is very little lasting appeal to a lot of these sauces.


My goal is to produce flavours that you crave with every meal.  Each of my sauces has carefully balanced ingredients and multi-layered spice blends designed to elevate the dullest of dishes!  That's not to say I don't have some hot sauces here, I love heat, but even with the hottest of my sauces the flavours still shine through and leave you raiding the fridge for more!

Please enjoy, feedback, and spread the word!


What people are saying about my sauce!

Angel review by the one and only
Johnny Scoville!
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